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Feeling down, sad or upset is normal. It can be concerning feeling that way for several days or weeks on end.


What are the symptoms of each condition?

Some symptoms of depression and anxiety overlaps, such as problems with sleep, irritability and difficulty concentrating. But there are several key differences that help distinguish between the two.


Feeling down, sad, or upset is normal. It can be concerning feeling that way for several days or weeks on end.


Anxiety, or fear and worry, can happen to anyone from time to time, too. It’s not unusual to experience anxiety before a big event or important decision.


Stress is a normal reaction the body has when changes occur, resulting in physical, emotional and intellectual responses.


When you analyze, comment and repeat the same thoughts over and again, instead of acting, you are overthinking.

Mental Disorders

Mental disorders are chronic conditions that impact your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behavior.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorder is a serious condition caused by persisting eating behaviors that negatively impact your health, your emotions and daily activities.

Sleep Disorders

The term sleep disorders refer to a collection of conditions that interfere with regular sleep.

Personality Disorders

Personality disorders comprise a wide variety of mental health conditions characterized by unrelenting patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

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According to World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 280 million people in the world have depression. One of the most common causes of disability is depression. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among those aged 15 to 29 years old. Those suffering from serious mental disorders die prematurely – sometimes up to two decades earlier – because of preventable physical conditions.

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