Signs of Materialistic Person

Materialistic or Materialism has become one of the most widely recognized and common personality types. It is nearly impossible to avoid knowing somebody who fits this description, even if you do not know it yourself.

What is a materialistic person?

Materialistic people are concerned with things like money and status symbols.

If you’re more focused on the spiritual aspects of life rather than material things, you might find dealing with materialists quite difficult.

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17 characteristics of a materialistic person

Read on to learn 17 signs to look out for to spot someone who is materialistic!

1. They check their phones constantly

Your friend might be a materialist if they frequently check their phone to see if the latest text message or social media post has been liked.

It is clear from this behavior that not only do they put a premium on materialistic tendencies but also that they prioritize them in life.

2. They value possessions more than people

People who are materialistic often value their possessions more than the people they care about.

A designer purse or their latest purchase may be more meaningful than their friendships or relationships in life, but it may be as simple as their latest purchase.

3. They often discuss money

Money is always a topic of conversation with materialists.

Materialism not only changes the way they relate to others but also affects the environment around them.

4. It makes them feel inferior when they see something nicer than what they have

Mathematical competition is a competitive sport. Materialists are envious of what others have and want to get what they have as soon as possible.

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5. There are items in their home that they do not use

It is obvious that materialists live a materialistic lifestyle when they have many things they do not use.

Messy homes are not only difficult to clean and an eyesore to others, but they’re also signs of materialistic tendencies.

6. They place more value on the opinions of others than their own

Those who don’t share materialistic values or tendencies can find it harder to deal with materialists because they care more about others’ opinions than their own.

7. They always want to have more material possessions

It is one of the biggest indicators of materialism when people want even more stuff, no matter how much they already have.

As materialists seek more and more, the cycle turns into a never-ending one in which they always want more.

8. People may be used to achieve their goals

Materials scientists often rely on other people to advance their careers.

The person might do this through material means, such as asking for a favor or gift in exchange for something they know the other person wants, but they can also do it through simple commentary on their material possessions and status symbols in front of others without those things.

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9. They don’t seem to be feeling a sense of purpose or identity

It is common for materialists to feel like they have no purpose or sense of identity in life due to materialism. Their identity or their desire to be viewed by others may become the focus of their attention.

10. They use social media to share their material possessions

Social media is often used by materialistic people to display their possessions. This allows them to look good in front of others and feel like part of the “look at me” culture prevalent in society.

11. They always brag about their possessions

Many materialists strut their stuff on social media and brag about their latest purchase and status symbol.

12. They don’t worry about spending money they don’t have

Those who believe material things are more important than people in life may not hesitate to spend money that they don’t have if materialism becomes an addiction.

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13. They don’t seem to care about materialistic society or themselves

Materialists don’t seem to be disturbed by the way materialism affects other people or social issues.

Materialists will care more about the material things themselves, even if they know it is bad for society. They may even fight against those who seek to change things.

14. They believe they are entitled to material things

In a materialistic world, it is easy for a person to believe that they are entitled to material things and should receive compensation for their work, no matter what the cost may be to themselves or others.

As a result of the entitlement mentality that is inherent to materialism, many materialists believe that those who have more money deserve to acquire even more possessions.

15. They can sometimes be competitive

When it comes to material things, a materialistic individual may be competitive.

In order to stand out from other people, it is common for them to compare themselves to them and attempt to outdo them by buying material items they do not need or cannot afford so that they appear more attractive.

16. They tend to be materialistic from a young age

It is not uncommon for people to become materialists when they are young, without realizing they are materialists until they are older.

The objects may have been inherited from older generations, or materialistic influences may have influenced their thinking and actions.

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17. They seem dissatisfied with their current situation

It is in the nature of materialism to want more, so materialists are rarely satisfied with material things in their lives.

Their material status may not be enough for them to feel satisfied with what they have currently.

Bottom line

You need to be able to recognize the signs of materialism so you’ll be able to avoid them in your own life. There are several indicators that could indicate a person has a negative relationship with money and possessions.